CE Secure DiskVault Traveler Edition

Easy and effortless hardware based encrypted disk to provide external storage or backup & recovery for your PC. With Traveler software to allow authentication anywhere.

CE Secure DiskVault Traveler provides an easy and convenient way to secure your data. A self-contained portable solution providing encrypted storage for your data with the ability to access the data with your own passwords. The small format of the device provides in-pocket convenience, USB 3 speeds with backward compatibility to USB 2. 

Ideal for Data Transport - Medical institutions, Financial entities, Governmental agencies; all have a need to securely move large amounts of data in a secure, cost-effective manner. CE SECURE DiskVault Traveler provides the best all-around solution to these needs. Share a common password secretly, then load your data on this device, send the DiskVault to the other party and they can unlock it with the password on their own system.  Data in transit is highly secure.

Military Grade Protection - The hardware controller encrypts all data using AES128/256-bit encryption in CBC-mode, FIPS 140-2 Level 2 versions available. Encryption keys are generated on board at user setup, and all communications are encrypted. Once unlocked, CE-Secure DiskVault is as simple to use as a standard USB flash drive.

Defend from Brute Force Attacks - A password attempt counter will stop accepting passwords after a pre-set number of attempts, preventing automated methods of trying to access your data.

Strong Passwords with Administrator Option - You control the password quality, make it as strong as you like. The administrative password option provides for a backup method to unlock and manage the devices.

No Installation for Admin level Users - Software travels with the device, so all you have to do is plug it in (autorun needs to be enabled) and enter your secure password. For non-Administrator users, an installation option is available.

Data at Rest Protection - All data on the drive is always encrypted, including encryption keys. Unplugging the drive instantly locks access.

Bus Powered - The device needs no external power supply, just a connection to USB 3 or USB 2 port

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