CE Secure Vault3 FIPS Flash Drive

A secure FIPS-140-2 USB 3 flash drive that instantly protects all stored data automatically with hardware encryption and a strong password.

FIPS Certified Hardware Encrypted Flash Drives

CE-Secure Vault FIPS is a secure USB 3 flash drive that instantly protects all stored data automatically with hardware encryption and a strong password. You plug CE-Secure Vault FIPS in and set your own password. This strong password is then the only thing that can give access to the data you store on CE-Secure Vault FIPS. By switching to CE-Secure Vault FIPS and replacing your unsecure memory sticks, USB keys and giveaway usb flash drives, you can start safeguarding your confidential data instantly.

Why Choose CE-Secure Vault FIPS?

There are many good reasons for using CE-Secure Vault FIPS as your secure USB flash drive solution.

  • Instantly secure portable data with always-on automatic hardware AES256 CBC encryption.
  • Easy-to-work-with, easy-to-set-up, flexible self-service deployment for larger organizations.
  • Ruggedized - Titanium coated stainless steel casing.
  • Waterproof (up to 4 ft; conforms to IEC 60529 IPX8; Product must be clean and dry before use).
  • Assembled in the U.S.
  • Fastest startup times and the best flash storage components.
  • Locks down if left behind, using an adjustable timer lock.

CE-Secure Vault FIPS Technology

Certified Military-Strength Hardware Encryption (FIPS 140-2 compliant)

The CE-Secure Vault FIPS hardware controller encrypts all data using AES256-bit encryption in CBC-mode. Encryption keys are generated on board at user setup, and all communications are encrypted. CE-Secure Vault FIPS is protected against autorun malware, and onboard active anti-malware is available. Once unlocked, CE-Secure Vault FIPS is as simple to use as a standard USB flash drive.

Quick Startup and Easy Setup

You can unlock a CE-Secure Vault FIPS drive in as little as one second after plugging it in. The optimized configuration startup time on first use makes CE-Secure Vault FIPS drives the fastest and simplest to set up. The responsiveness and speed of CE-Secure Vault FIPS devices are important for a positive user experience, which is essential for achieving user acceptance of enforced and elevated security measures.

Hardware Brute-Force Protection

CE-Secure Vault FIPS offers true brute-force protection, with a password attempt counter built into the hardware in order to protect against password attacks.

No Installation, No Admin Rights Required

CE-Secure Vault FIPS devices do not require any software installation or admin rights.

High-quality Storage

CE-Secure Vault FIPS has the longest life span of any USB flash drive, thanks to built-in ECC and wear leveling. The ECC hardware on CE-Secure Vault FIPS ensures that transfer speeds are high and that accuracy and life span of stored data are maximized.

Compact, Robust and Epoxy-Sealed

CE-Secure Vault FIPS devices are designed to endure wear and tear, and they fit even where port space is minimal. The circuitry is sealed with epoxy, giving CE-Secure Vault FIPS superior weather resistance and making the hardware completely tamperproof.

Social-Engineering Protection & Timer Lockdown

The manageable Timer Lockdown feature ensures that forgotten or misplaced drives do not cause data breaches. CE-Secure Vault FIPS reminds users upon logout if their drive is still inserted, and it alerts the user if there have been previous faulty login attempts on the drive.

A Long-lasting Investment

CE-Secure Vault FIPS drives are fully upgradeable, so when new features are released or when there are changes in operating systems or the threat landscape, CE-Secure Vault FIPS drives never miss a beat, making them a long-lasting investment.

Mac OS Availability

CE-Secure Vault FIPS is compatible with the Mac operating system, extending its availability to both PC and Mac users. With traditional Mac users, including architects and media industry executives, CE-Secure Vault FIPS will ensure that concepts and designs that provide a competitive edge are always protected.

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Picture of 8GB CE-Secure Vault3 FIPS Flash Drive
8GB CE-Secure Vault3 FIPS Flash Drive
Picture of 16GB CE-Secure Vault3 FIPS Flash Drive
16GB CE-Secure Vault3 FIPS Flash Drive
Picture of 32GB CE-Secure Vault3 FIPS Flash Drive
32GB CE-Secure Vault3 FIPS Flash Drive
Picture of 64GB CE-Secure Vault3 FIPS Flash Drive
64GB CE-Secure Vault3 FIPS Flash Drive
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