Portable Encrypted Data Storage

CE SECURE Data Storage

Superior encrypted data security solutions ideal for financial agencies, government, healthcare, and the mobile workforce.

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Mobile storage protection

CE Secure™ line of hardened, tamper-evident flash drives and external hard drives, lock down your sensitive data with an on-board, hardware encryption engine that puts a military-grade, AES-256 wall between unauthorized users and the drive’s contents.

Mobile user-friendly solutions

There’s no need for employees to install drivers or other software to securely access their stored data, workspace or applications. CE Secure™ drives come pre-loaded with everything users need, and they leave no trace on the host PC.

Solutions for the road warrior

When a mobile employee’s digital identity is compromised, your network, your applications, and your data all become vulnerable. That’s why CMS offers strong, multifactor authentication on CE Secure drives. And for users of CE Secure™ drives, CMS offers enterprise-class identity management capabilities – combining Public Key crypto services, two-factor authentication and strong password management – to shield identities out in the wild. Only CMS integrates these sophisticated protections with encrypted storage in a single mobile device.

Compliance made easy

CMS helps you simplify compliance with military-grade (FIPS 140.2) and encrypted USB flash devices. In addition, our mobile security solutions protect digital identities regardless of where your employees take them. Our centralized management platforms puts corporate in total control of data access and use, removing the reliance on the diligence of the hundreds or thousands of mobile workers who carry sensitive data with them every day.